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Best spam EVER! 12 maj, 2011

Filed under: 2. Living in America,Larv — Suddrik @ 12:34

Excuse me guys, but today’s post just has to be in English.

I got this e-mail yesterday. Don’t recognize the sender, but I googled ”Baggage” that she mentions, it’s is a forbidden link from the company network, though it’s very clear it’s a Jerry Springer show. Hilarious!

Here’s the info from someone named Stacey Margetts:

Hey Jenny,

I am a show producer with Baggage. We would love to have you on our show on May 25th.  The pay is $500 for the day and you are here for about 4 hours.

I also wanted to talk to you about this particular episode…  It is a bi-sexual episode.  Is this something you are comfortable with?  And I guess I should first confirm that you are bisexual?  If, so great!

If not, let me know and we will place you in a a different show.

I need to book shows by end of day so please let me know if you are interested.


“Baggage,” hosted by Jerry Springer.  It’s a dating show with a twist…
everybody brings along their baggage! (What does that even mean?)

If this isn’t spam, I sure wonder where in the world she got my e-mail… and name?? WTF?
It was sent to my non-spammed address, so I guess she got it at!


And yeah, if someone’s wondering – I’m not going.

Ps. Just to clarify one thing, it is NOT because of the bisexual thing.
That Jerry is a dumb*ss and I don’t want to be on TV.


4 Responses to “Best spam EVER!”

  1. urenergi Says:

    Oh det är de 500 dollaresarna som lockar knäppgökar att komma dit och slåss? 😛 Åk dit och plocka fram din bästa skådisbisexualitet och utöva kampsportkunskaperna – har ni kommit till lektionen då man sliter i hår? 😛

  2. Lotta Says:

    hahaha härregud så kul.. hur kan Jerry Springer leva med sig själv? Okey han har säkert tjänat sjukt mycket stålar på sina skitprogramm men ändå, trodde han lagt ner verksamheten..

    • suddrik Says:

      Han skrattar nog hela vägen till banken!
      Eller, jag vet inte, sån där dynga betalar säkert inte så bra. Han lyfter nog inte Oprah-lön direkt!


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